How to choose gps tracker for dog

How to choose gps tracker for dog

GPS stands for Global Positioning Service. This technology was developed by the US Department of Defense.

It is still used today in a wide variety of areas. Surely you are familiar with the most common applications, for example in navigation systems. There are satellites so that correct positioning can be guaranteed. Now you are surely wondering what the satellite has to do with the GPS receiver.

  • The GPS receiver is attached to your pet. When it is activated, it is in constant communication with the satellite. This way the satellite tells the receiver the exact position and time.
  • This information helps the receiver determine its approximate position.
  • In addition, this communication can even be used to calculate speed.

Interesting is the question how this locating works at all. Unfortunately this question cannot be answered in such a general way. Long story short: here is a list of best GPS trackers for dogs.

Every GPS tracking uses the PLC, which stands for Standard Positioning Service. This technology is available for everyone. The accuracy of this service is 15 meters. Due to a change of the satellites the accuracy could be improved to 7.8 meters.

Concerning the positioning of a GPS tracker for dogs, in most cases several technologies are used.

A very well known technology is GS. This form of positioning is done via the radio network of cell phones. Therefore, many GPS trackers for dogs also use SIM cards.

In the following 5 points we will show you what you need to consider when buying a GPS tracker for dogs.

So you can make sure that you will never lose sight of your beloved treasure again.

When is a GPS tracker useful for dogs?

In a nutshell, a GPS tracker for dogs is useful when the dog has run away. Of course we all want to avoid this situation. After all, you never know what happened to the animal.

Maybe he just wanted to go on a discovery tour or he was even stolen.

Especially pedigree dogs are often kidnapped. In 2013 the Berliner Zeitung had reported about an organized theft of dogs in Berlin. Dogs were stolen not only from stores but also from parked cars.

These facts are naturally very sad. But we have to face them. Dogs can be stolen and this can also affect you.

For this reason, a GPS tracker is an indispensable companion for your dog’s everyday life.

The advantages of a GPS tracker

A GPS tracker for dogs can be useful in many cases. Even the most obedient dog can suddenly disappear if you don’t have him on a leash.

You can never really be sure that your protégé is always near you.

Especially when a bitch is in heat, she will not always follow your calls.

The same applies to males. If a male dog smells a bitch in heat, he will not be able to hold on to her and wants to go to her as soon as possible.

There are also some breeds which are real escape artists. Not even a garden fence can be a big obstacle for them.

Some have the ability to simply dig their way under the fence or to free themselves from the collar. They don’t want to annoy their owner, but to explore the surroundings.

For this reason, you will not be able to avoid a GPS tracker for dogs.

A GPS tracker is especially popular with hunters. Hunters spend a lot of time with their hunting dogs in the wilderness.

The free running quadrupeds certainly have all possibilities to let off steam in the forest. But on the other hand they can also get away from the hunter and just keep on sniffing around in the forest.

Should its fur-nose not then come back to the hunter. A GPS tracker can then be an excellent solution to find the runaway again quickly.

GPS Tracker without monthly costs

The use of trackers is associated with monthly costs. This is the reason why many dog owners refrain from buying such a device.

The fees are charged by the manufacturers to finance the costs for the SIM cards and the app. However, we believe that the fee is not justified.

Think about how long you really want to use a GPS tracker. This will save you money.

In addition, you may be able to do without certain additional features.

Some devices offer the possibility to pay the service fee for 2 years in advance. That way you will save at least a little money.

In a nutshell: Unfortunately, there are hardly any models that can be used completely without monthly fees. Most of these devices have a very low purchase price.

But you have to pay the monthly fees. Then there are the devices that are more expensive. But the fees are already included in the price.

After two years of use, the differences in price are rather small. So you can focus on the quality of the device when you buy it.

Dogs at the hunt

As I said, you should pay attention to quality and reliability when choosing the right device.

On the hunt your pelt-nose will in most cases also be on its own.

If you can’t find him, the GPS signal must not fail under any circumstances. In addition, the risk of injury is higher when hunting.

Therefore every second counts in such a case. A missing cell phone signal or the failure of the app could then become a big problem for you.

GPS trackers for dogs are in many cases available for less than 100 Euro. On the other hand the devices for hunting are more expensive.

But why is that so?

The classic tracking devices use an app, which serves as a receiver. The devices need an internet connection to work.

In larger forest areas you do not always have a mobile phone network available.

With 4-net SIM cards you will have reception for an SMS. However, when you connect to the Internet, the situation looks rather bad.

There are special devices that score points with their accessories. You have an external device with a 3 inch touch screen and a collar.

The collar serves as a transmitter. The receiver has pre-installed maps for all countries in Europe.

The big advantage here is that you can also use the device offline. So you can also locate your dog in forest areas.

Additional functions

There are some devices which are equipped with useful additional functions. These include live tracking and geo-fencing.

With the live tracking you can follow your darling in real time.

You don’t have to look all day long where your darling is. On the other hand, you can find him very quickly in case of an emergency.

As for the Geo-fence, it is a special zone or virtual space.

As soon as your dog moves out of the defined zone, you will be informed immediately. This invisible fence is particularly suitable for young dogs or puppies.

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