Health & fitness benefits of the Garmin 4Miler – 4 Mile Challenge

Health & fitness benefits of the Garmin 4Miler – 4 Mile Challenge

Embarking on a regular exercise programme will give you a real feeling of wellbeing, help you work towards your own fitness goal and give you and your colleagues a common interest away from the boardroom. Best of all, getting into the habit of exercising at lunch means you’ll always find time to take on the challenge.

Lead the team

From the boss to the new boy, everybody’s equal in the Garmin #4miler until they prove otherwise. So set a positive example and encourage the others to liven up their lunch breaks. Perhaps it could be a teambuilding task to revive a weary workforce or help you discover new ways to communicate with colleagues?

Boost productivity

Not only will your body benefit from regular workouts but the business will too. With revived enthusiasm comes a sharper focus on the role. Breaking away from the desk is good once in a while, especially if you return with new ideas and a renewed vigour for work. The fresh air will leave you feeling more alert, and the opportunity to communicate with people beyond the door-to-desk route will help teams to bond and improve communication between departments.


Although you’re working out in your workday, you’ll reap the benefits well beyond office hours. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t rant at your next-desk neighbour – channel your frustration on a refreshing run. Escape from the office drone and your desk phone, get a change of scenery and seek out some thinking space where nobody can interrupt you – unless they join the #4miler too!

Free personal trainer!

The #4miler was designed to help you pursue your own goal at your own pace. And Garmin is with you every step of the way, with blogs from professionals, product training videos and hints and tips from our dedicated Garmin ambassadors all sportsmen and women at the top of their game. Garmin Connect will help you track your personal challenge while sharing the efforts of your co-workers to spur you on. Why not challenge a colleague in accounts as payback or rival your boss for a real position of status in the office?

Training plans from Garmin Connect

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