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How to use your fitness tracker properly

How to use your fitness tracker properly

Fitness Trackers are no longer simple pedometers that you just put on and use. In the meantime, the smart wristbands offer a wide range of useful functions. Maybe this is the reason why many users are a little overwhelmed at the beginning.

A few years ago, everything was quite simple. You got yourself a fitness tracker, activated the device and off you went.

Even if you bought the best fitness tracker, it is necessary to prepare it for use. The device has to be configured, different data should be stored and of course it is important to get familiar with the different functions.

What sounds complicated and elaborate at first, turns out to be relatively simple in practice. When you know what to do. Also check

Therefore I would like to give you a compact instruction here,

  • how to prepare your Fitness Tracker for its first use
  • how to use your fitness bracelet correctly to get the maximum benefit

How to prepare your Fitness Tracker

Step 1 – Preparatory work

Hooray, your Fitness Tracker has finally arrived in the mail and you would love to try it out right away.

But before you start, there are some preparations to make. First of all you should check the contents of the package. Usually the package contains

  • the Fitness Bracelet
  • USB charging cable
  • Brief instruction
  • sometimes a spare bracelet

If something is missing, contact the manufacturer or dealer immediately and complain about the defective delivery.

Next, install the corresponding app from the manufacturer on your smartphone. Often a connection to the app is necessary shortly after the installation of the Fitness Wristband. If there is no connection, the configuration will be delayed or interrupted, which leads to unnecessary and nerve-racking complications.

After you have installed the corresponding app on your smartphone, you can finally switch on your Fitness Tracker.

The manufacturers try to keep the configuration of the device as simple as possible. Therefore, you are usually guided through the setup by short instructions either directly on the wristband or in the app.

A Bluetooth connection between wristband and cell phone is always necessary. With Garmin models, pairing is activated automatically, with other manufacturers you have to switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone yourself.

Step 2 – Entering the data

In the course of setting up the device, you will also be asked to enter various personal data such as gender, height, weight and age. In addition, there is often the possibility to enter information about how active (daytime activities and sports) you have been so far.

I recommend that you enter these data as accurately as possible. Don’t make the mistake of glossing over different information such as weight or age, as incorrect values will greatly affect later measurements and analysis.

If possible, enter your personal stride length as well. This makes the step counting and especially the distance measurement based on the steps you have taken much more precise.

It is also very important to enter the maximum heart rate (max HF). Based on this value, the manufacturer will set up predefined heart rate zones or your personal heart rate zones will be based on this value.

The maximum heart rate also plays an important role when calculating other values like Vo2max, stress level or heart rate variability

If you don’t know your max HF and don’t give any information about it for the time being, the formula 220 – current age is automatically applied. However, the result can only be considered as a rough guideline at best.

I therefore strongly recommend that you determine your individual maximum heart rate in order to obtain reliable and meaningful readings later. Here you can find out everything important about heart rate and pulse zones.

Step 3 – Get to know your Fitness Tracker

Modern fitness wristbands are easy and clear to use. Despite a wide range of features, gadgets and apps, the menu is usually logical and self-explanatory. By typing, simple wiping gestures or pressing side-mounted buttons, one navigates through the menu and calls up various functions.

Nevertheless, you should take your time and get to know your Fitness Tracker from A to Z. Discover and test all functions and make all necessary settings to make the operation of the device as easy as possible.

Depending on the model, there are numerous possibilities. Here are a few examples

  • Duration and intensity of the display illumination
  • Which information should be displayed on the start screen
  • Change of the display design by installation of new Watchfaces
  • Bookmark popular sports profiles
  • Add new sport profiles
  • Configuration of the sport profiles – Which data should be displayed during the training
  • Smart Notification Configuration – Which notifications do you want to receive
How to choose gps tracker for dog

How to choose gps tracker for dog

GPS stands for Global Positioning Service. This technology was developed by the US Department of Defense.

It is still used today in a wide variety of areas. Surely you are familiar with the most common applications, for example in navigation systems. There are satellites so that correct positioning can be guaranteed. Now you are surely wondering what the satellite has to do with the GPS receiver.

  • The GPS receiver is attached to your pet. When it is activated, it is in constant communication with the satellite. This way the satellite tells the receiver the exact position and time.
  • This information helps the receiver determine its approximate position.
  • In addition, this communication can even be used to calculate speed.

Interesting is the question how this locating works at all. Unfortunately this question cannot be answered in such a general way. Long story short: here is a list of best GPS trackers for dogs.

Every GPS tracking uses the PLC, which stands for Standard Positioning Service. This technology is available for everyone. The accuracy of this service is 15 meters. Due to a change of the satellites the accuracy could be improved to 7.8 meters.

Concerning the positioning of a GPS tracker for dogs, in most cases several technologies are used.

A very well known technology is GS. This form of positioning is done via the radio network of cell phones. Therefore, many GPS trackers for dogs also use SIM cards.

In the following 5 points we will show you what you need to consider when buying a GPS tracker for dogs.

So you can make sure that you will never lose sight of your beloved treasure again.

When is a GPS tracker useful for dogs?

In a nutshell, a GPS tracker for dogs is useful when the dog has run away. Of course we all want to avoid this situation. After all, you never know what happened to the animal.

Maybe he just wanted to go on a discovery tour or he was even stolen.

Especially pedigree dogs are often kidnapped. In 2013 the Berliner Zeitung had reported about an organized theft of dogs in Berlin. Dogs were stolen not only from stores but also from parked cars.

These facts are naturally very sad. But we have to face them. Dogs can be stolen and this can also affect you.

For this reason, a GPS tracker is an indispensable companion for your dog’s everyday life.

The advantages of a GPS tracker

A GPS tracker for dogs can be useful in many cases. Even the most obedient dog can suddenly disappear if you don’t have him on a leash.

You can never really be sure that your protégé is always near you.

Especially when a bitch is in heat, she will not always follow your calls.

The same applies to males. If a male dog smells a bitch in heat, he will not be able to hold on to her and wants to go to her as soon as possible.

There are also some breeds which are real escape artists. Not even a garden fence can be a big obstacle for them.

Some have the ability to simply dig their way under the fence or to free themselves from the collar. They don’t want to annoy their owner, but to explore the surroundings.

For this reason, you will not be able to avoid a GPS tracker for dogs.

A GPS tracker is especially popular with hunters. Hunters spend a lot of time with their hunting dogs in the wilderness.

The free running quadrupeds certainly have all possibilities to let off steam in the forest. But on the other hand they can also get away from the hunter and just keep on sniffing around in the forest.

Should its fur-nose not then come back to the hunter. A GPS tracker can then be an excellent solution to find the runaway again quickly.

GPS Tracker without monthly costs

The use of trackers is associated with monthly costs. This is the reason why many dog owners refrain from buying such a device.

The fees are charged by the manufacturers to finance the costs for the SIM cards and the app. However, we believe that the fee is not justified.

Think about how long you really want to use a GPS tracker. This will save you money.

In addition, you may be able to do without certain additional features.

Some devices offer the possibility to pay the service fee for 2 years in advance. That way you will save at least a little money.

In a nutshell: Unfortunately, there are hardly any models that can be used completely without monthly fees. Most of these devices have a very low purchase price.

But you have to pay the monthly fees. Then there are the devices that are more expensive. But the fees are already included in the price.

After two years of use, the differences in price are rather small. So you can focus on the quality of the device when you buy it.

Dogs at the hunt

As I said, you should pay attention to quality and reliability when choosing the right device.

On the hunt your pelt-nose will in most cases also be on its own.

If you can’t find him, the GPS signal must not fail under any circumstances. In addition, the risk of injury is higher when hunting.

Therefore every second counts in such a case. A missing cell phone signal or the failure of the app could then become a big problem for you.

GPS trackers for dogs are in many cases available for less than 100 Euro. On the other hand the devices for hunting are more expensive.

But why is that so?

The classic tracking devices use an app, which serves as a receiver. The devices need an internet connection to work.

In larger forest areas you do not always have a mobile phone network available.

With 4-net SIM cards you will have reception for an SMS. However, when you connect to the Internet, the situation looks rather bad.

There are special devices that score points with their accessories. You have an external device with a 3 inch touch screen and a collar.

The collar serves as a transmitter. The receiver has pre-installed maps for all countries in Europe.

The big advantage here is that you can also use the device offline. So you can also locate your dog in forest areas.

Additional functions

There are some devices which are equipped with useful additional functions. These include live tracking and geo-fencing.

With the live tracking you can follow your darling in real time.

You don’t have to look all day long where your darling is. On the other hand, you can find him very quickly in case of an emergency.

As for the Geo-fence, it is a special zone or virtual space.

As soon as your dog moves out of the defined zone, you will be informed immediately. This invisible fence is particularly suitable for young dogs or puppies.

Garmin 4Miler Challenge – Get fit and active in your lunch break with Garmin Connect and GPS Sports Watches

Garmin 4Miler Challenge – Get fit and active in your lunch break with Garmin Connect and GPS Sports Watches

Don’t waste your lunch hour checking the sports results. Set the scores others want to follow with the Garmin #4miler. This simple running challenge is a great way to get fit and inject some energy into your working week.

Just round up your colleagues; the sporty, the greedy, the sleepy and the stressed; join the Garmin Connect training community, grab your kit and get running.

Sign-up to Twitter and start using the hashtag #4miler, and your comments will appear above for everyone to see!

Tell a friend about the #4Miler and you could win a Forerunner 405

Tell a friend about the #4Miler and you could win a Forerunner 405

Tell your friends about the Garmin #4Miler and stand a chance of winning a Garmin Forerunner 405 which is perfect for recording and uploading your training and runs to Garmin Connect.

Please note that we will not subscribe your friends’ email addresses to our newsletter. We will only add your email to our subsciber database. For details on our privacy policy and terms and conditions please refer to the Garmin UK website.

Money off Garmin Forerunner at Sweatshop

Money off Garmin Forerunner at Sweatshop

Purchase 4 x Garmin Forerunner 110 sport watches for you and your colleagues and get a massive 15% off the total price! Simply go to and enter the code #4MILER to receive your discount!

Sweatshop’s Garmin Forerunner 110 offer is only available on male and female models with Heart Rate Monitors.

Forerunner 110 – simply gettting results

With Forerunner 110, you know how far and how fast you run with time, pace and distance data and even accurate heart rate and calorie burn information (HR version or optional heart rate monitor accessory).

Simply switch on, press start and go and the results will give you something more than an empty crisp packet and half-finished Sudoku to show for your lunchtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Garmin #4Miler that’s not answered here then drop us a line on our Facebook Fan page or Twitter and we’ll get back to you with everything you need to know!

There’s nothing to stop you doing the Garmin #4miler without a Forerunner – you can even manually enter your activity into Garmin Connect to share and compare your running data if you’d rather “try before you buy”. But running with a GPS sportswatch makes your results precisely accurate and your running much simpler, letting you concentrate on covering the four miles while Garmin logs the time and distance for you. Half the fun will be in challenging colleagues and basking in the results but there are no rules on when to ramp it up!

2. How do I plan my challenge route?

If you rarely stray from your desk and are not familiar with the local area, a search on Garmin Connect will show where sportier souls train nearby. Failing that, gather up your keenest colleagues, take your Garmin GPS and pace out two miles from the door. With the return leg you’ve got your four miles covered without breaking a sweat.

3. How can I upload my training data?

When you connect up your Forerunner sportswatch to Garmin Connect it automatically syncs to transfer your workouts to our free web training community. Give each activity a name and tell the world about your latest #4miler title challenge.

4. How do I recruit my colleagues?

You’ll be surprised at the number of people who like the idea of training in their lunch break. Whether for fitness, fun or fresh air, there are many reasons why they will take part. For starters, gather up the keen ones and make a big deal of your challenge launch.

5. How do I keep it interesting?

People will have their own reasons for taking part, but appeal to the team effort by setting individual and team goals and track it all on Garmin Connect. Perhaps you could challenge your customers or competitors for ultimate #4miler glory?

6. How will I find the time?

You don’t have to all go running in a group. Find a time that suits you, run the office #4miler course and invite the others to rival your record whenever they can. Once the results start rolling in you’ll be amazed how quickly your #4miler takes off.

If you have a question about the Garmin #4Miler that’s not answered here then drop us a line on our Facebook Fan page or Twitter and we’ll get back to you with everything you need to know!

Health & fitness benefits of the Garmin 4Miler – 4 Mile Challenge

Health & fitness benefits of the Garmin 4Miler – 4 Mile Challenge

Embarking on a regular exercise programme will give you a real feeling of wellbeing, help you work towards your own fitness goal and give you and your colleagues a common interest away from the boardroom. Best of all, getting into the habit of exercising at lunch means you’ll always find time to take on the challenge.

Lead the team

From the boss to the new boy, everybody’s equal in the Garmin #4miler until they prove otherwise. So set a positive example and encourage the others to liven up their lunch breaks. Perhaps it could be a teambuilding task to revive a weary workforce or help you discover new ways to communicate with colleagues?

Boost productivity

Not only will your body benefit from regular workouts but the business will too. With revived enthusiasm comes a sharper focus on the role. Breaking away from the desk is good once in a while, especially if you return with new ideas and a renewed vigour for work. The fresh air will leave you feeling more alert, and the opportunity to communicate with people beyond the door-to-desk route will help teams to bond and improve communication between departments.


Although you’re working out in your workday, you’ll reap the benefits well beyond office hours. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t rant at your next-desk neighbour – channel your frustration on a refreshing run. Escape from the office drone and your desk phone, get a change of scenery and seek out some thinking space where nobody can interrupt you – unless they join the #4miler too!

Free personal trainer!

The #4miler was designed to help you pursue your own goal at your own pace. And Garmin is with you every step of the way, with blogs from professionals, product training videos and hints and tips from our dedicated Garmin ambassadors all sportsmen and women at the top of their game. Garmin Connect will help you track your personal challenge while sharing the efforts of your co-workers to spur you on. Why not challenge a colleague in accounts as payback or rival your boss for a real position of status in the office?

Training plans from Garmin Connect

This section will link through to the videos we have.

How does the Garmin 4Miler Challenge work?

How does the Garmin 4Miler Challenge work?

Running at lunch can liven up a slow workday, provide an original topic of discussion around the coffee machine, give you something in common with your desk mates and help you get fit without having to find time outside of work.

With a Garmin Forerunner GPS, you can concentrate on covering your four miles while your sportswatch tells you how fast, how far and even where you are. It’s no more complex than that. Once you’re back at the office, you can even transfer your training stats to Garmin Connect to see how you’re improving and watch your colleagues’ scores roll in.

So ditch your desk, dust off your joggers and get in gear for the Garmin #4miler.

1. Gear up with Garmin Connect

Go to and sign up for a free account. This online training community lets you review, relive and replay your runs, track your team’s performance and see at a glance how the whole office is shaping up.

2. Inspire your colleagues

Choose a memorable username and password and share them with everyone taking part. Then you can each save your training data to the same place, watch the results roll in and keep track of your #4miler front runners.

3. Share your results

From logging on to your team leaderboard to publishing the winning times on your company intranet, Garmin Connect offers many ways for you to tell the world who’s winning in your workplace. Export your endeavours to your blog, social network or twitter and race against the best efforts in the office in real-time (Virtual Partner-enabled sportswatch required).

Want to know more? Then check out the Video Tutorials

Get started with the Garmin 4Miler

Get started with the Garmin 4Miler

Are you with us? Now you’ve made the decision to revive your lunch break, here’s a rundown of the basics to consider before you get going.

Freshen up

Nobody will applaud your new attitude to lunchtime fitness if you don’t have access to a shower back at the office. Make sure you’ve got somewhere to freshen up before you set off or you won’t be getting many high fives – regardless of your record time

Don’t forget your kit

You’re going running, not taking part in a fashion show. No matter how smart you start off, you’re guaranteed to look like you’ve done some exercise at the end so there’s no need to worry about sporting latest brands. And keep your kit in the car so you’re ready to go whenever you can find a spare half hour.

Get motivated

Don’t worry if the last time you ran was for the school bus. Resist the urge to bed down at your desk and give the #4miler a try. Once you’re involved, the pursuit to improve your health or climb the company leader board might just be enough to tempt you away from the treats trolley for good.

Great ways to warm up

We appreciate you’ve got work to do. But you can’t afford to take shortcuts with your training. So why not warm up before you go outside? From lunges at the whiteboard and waist bends by the water cooler to arm circles by the lockers and stretches up to the starting line, you’ll be ready to run without eating into too much more of your lunch time.

Don’t forget to stretch

Once you’ve clocked your four miles you must summon up the last of your strength to stretch. Fight the urge to slump back in your chair, or there’s a chance you won’t get up again! Stoop low for a water bottle, reach up high to point out your new position on the leader board and give yourself a big pat on the back to celebrate your efforts.

Encourage your colleagues

Just because you’ve got the 4 mile bug doesn’t mean the whole office will be quite so quick on the uptake. Spread the word by publishing your latest times on social networks, find a charity event you can all train for, throw an inter-departmental sports day or lend out your Forerunner and let them figure it out for themselves.

Got a Garmin?

If you start the challenge without a Forerunner but find yourself getting into your stride, why don’t you add GPS to your workouts? A Garmin sportswatch will give you real-time feedback on your run and help track your training progress. Plus you can use it to count down the minutes until you join the lunch queue.

Email invitations

Are your colleagues pretending to be engrossed in work so they don’t have to join the #4miler chat? Infiltrate their screen with a cheeky email invite to make sure they get the message.

“I don’t have any kit”

Set up a kit amnesty and invite the team to donate their old mismatched sweats. Keep it all in a lost property box and you’ll be amazed how soon they get themselves organised.

“I don’t have the time”

Monitor how they use their lunch hour and report back with helpful “efficiency savings”. They could ditch the internet shopping for a different kind of (trolley) dash, skip the coffee run and run off the pounds instead and swap phone calls to Wendy in accounts with the sound of victory ringing in their ears when they complete the course.

“I don’t want to get fit”

Point out that people have different reasons for running. Perhaps they use some thinking space? Maybe they’d like an insight into other parts of the business? Perhaps they want to make new friends in the office or embark on a new challenge?

“I’m not competitive”

Just because you’re joining an office challenge doesn’t mean want to win. There’s a real sense of triumph in realising a personal goal – whether you’re working towards a time, weight or fitness level or just finally making time for exercise.

“I’m not fit enough”

You might not be fit enough to top the leaderboard but use your first #4miler as a benchmark and watch your improvements on Garmin Connect. Remember the first person you’re competing against is yourself. Beating the boss’s efforts is a bonus

“I don’t want to”

Seeing others getting fit or talking about a common interest might be enough to tempt them out of their tizzy. Alternatively some strategic incentives might do the trick. Choccy bar for the best improvement? Leave early on a Friday for the biggest (weight) loser? Failing that, put them in charge of the leaderboard and finish line drinks and they’ll soon want to join in.

“I don’t like to socialise with colleagues”

Even the most standoffish member of the office can’t pull off this excuse. Let them run on their own and share their results if, when and how they want. The #4miler is as much about the individual as the team effort. If they’re running, they’re a part of it.

Compatible Garmin sports watches

Compatible Garmin sports watches

You don’t have to have a Garmin sportswatch to take part in the #4miler, but you’ll find it helps! After all, as long as you have made the decision to reclaim your lunch hour and dig out a pair of trainers, the only things in the way of a better work-life balance are your willpower and your desk’s gravitational pull.

Garmin GPS sportswatches are built for runners of all abilities and ambitions – amateurs to world-class athletes. Calculating your absolute location anywhere in the world, they follow your position and track time, distance, pace and more to log every mile of your workout.

Forerunner 110 – simply gettting results

With Forerunner 110, you know how far and how fast you run with time, pace and distance data and even accurate heart rate and calorie burn information (HR version or optional heart rate monitor accessory).

Simply switch on, press start and go and the results will give you something more than an empty crisp packet and half-finished Sudoku to show for your lunchtime.

Product specification & where to buy

To view the full product specification and find out where to buy your Forerunner 110 please visit the Garmin UK website. Sweatshop are also currently offering 15% off so please check out their promotion on this product.

Forerunner 405 – train your way

If you expect your lunchtime runs to inspire a lifetime of activity, Forerunner 405 could be your perfect training partner. Building in features to take your running up a gear when you’re ready, you can compete against your best times or the office leader board, set training alerts for pace, time or distance, do interval training and create goal-based workouts.

405 gives you the option to take your running further, but still does the basics while you make up your mind.

Product specification & where to buy

To view the full product specification and find out where to buy your Forerunner 110 please visit the Garmin UK website.